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Lunch Beat, Lunch Break Dance Sessions: Start-up Idea

Lunch Beat lets office workers dance up a storm

By Michelle Hammond
Tuesday, 10 April 2012

start-up-idea-discoWorkers in Sweden have found a rather offbeat way to spend their lunch hour.


Dripping with sweat and awash in disco lights, they dance away to music at Lunch Beat; a trend that started in Stockholm and is spreading to other European cities.


The first Lunch Beat was held in June 2010 in an underground parking lot in Stockholm. Only 14 people showed up, but they had so much fun that they immediately planned another.


Now the Swedish capital has Lunch Beats that attract hundreds.


“There’s no alcohol, which gives it a different ambience than night-time clubbing,” says Daniel Odelstad, organiser of Lunch Beat Stockholm.


“People are sober, it’s in the middle of the day and it is very short, effective and intensive. You just have to get in there and dance because the hour ends pretty quickly.”


Nearly 500 people paid $13.50 to attend an event in downtown Stockholm recently.


Why not introduce an event like this in Australia? There are plenty of bored office workers who would love the chance to bust a move in their lunch break.

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