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Jil Sander – Luxury Paper Lunch Bag : Start-up Idea

Luxury lunch bag taps into “stealth-wealth” trend

By Michelle Hammond
Friday, 14 September 2012

start-up-idea-paper-bagBecause some women need couture to carry leftovers to work, the world’s most expensive paper lunch bag has been unveiled.


Fashion designer Jil Sander’s Vasari bag is described as a “long rectangular silhouette” created from “coated paper”. The deluxe lunch bag will set you back $280.


The creation is accented with stitching, gold-coloured eyelets and the words “Jil Sander” printed on the bottom. The paper bags have already sold out.


This is not the first time Jil Sander has debuted a bag of this nature. Last year, the label sold a $150 acetate carrier, which is basically a glorified plastic bag.


The bags are understood to be part of the “stealth-wealth” trend – understated luxury at an exorbitant price.


If you’re trying to create a point of difference within your own label, perhaps it’s worth tapping into the stealth-wealth trend yourself.