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Manx, Men’s Slimming Underwear: Start-up Idea

Manx helps anti-exercise men slim down

By Michelle Hammond
Friday, 23 September 2011

Manx boxersA range of boxer shorts has been launched for men wanting to lose their belly with no exercise.


Supermarket chain Asda sells Manx, the stretchy fabric set to smooth out beer bellies. Inspired by female slimming underwear Spanx, Manx is described as the “boxer short diet”.


Asda spent a year developing the high-waisted trunk, which has hidden “control areas” to create a streamlined silhouette.


A double-knitted panel around the waist flattens and shapes stomachs. There is a side panel running from the waist down the thigh to compress love handles and shape thighs.


The panel also lifts and smooths the backside. Together, this gives the pants the ability to squeeze and cup men’s wobbly areas, creating a firmer body shape. The trunks are also intended to support the lower back.


As men take more of an interest in their appearance, men’s styling products surge in demand. Does the emergence of Manx suggest there is also a demand for slimming products?