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Pitcher conjures up fruity idea

By Michelle Hammond
Tuesday, 17 January 2012

For those consumers who appreciate a fresh slice of lemon or lime at the side of their glass, there is now a device that can infuse natural flavours into their drink every single time.


The Artland Sedona Glass Pitcher, which has a removable hollow rod, allows the user to pop in a few fruit pieces or herbs to give their beverages a little extra zest.


Users can add anything from lemons to cucumbers to mint leaves, or any other ingredient they can think of.


Open slots in the rod allow contents to naturally combine with the liquid. The rod screws into the lid, keeping it firmly in place.


Clear acrylic makes for an enticing view, so the server’s colourful contents serve as a centerpiece on the table.


As men and women alike look to outdo each other in the kitchenware stakes, why not put your own fresh twist on an old and tired kitchen item?

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