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Ohea Smart Bed – Self-making Bed: Start-up Idea

Self-making bed is a smart idea

By Michelle Hammond
Tuesday, 05 June 2012

start-up-idea-smart-bedMaking one’s bed could be a thing of the past – with consumers now investing in the Ohea “smart bed”.


The Spanish-made bed is equipped with a device that automatically straightens the bedding in a mere 50 seconds once the occupant has risen.


The main pieces that are straightened and put in order are the bottom sheet, the duvet and the pillowcases.


The duvet, the pillowcase and the pillow itself are straightened mechanically while the bottom sheet is kept straight since it is attached with Velcro to the mattress cover.


“Making the bed after getting up is a daily chore,” the Ohea website says.


“Although it might seem a minor one, it has the character of a ritual that must be carried out, so much so that many people are simply unable to leave the home without having made their bed.”


“It’s a proven fact that for many people, making their bed after getting up can be a tiresome, even painful task.”


That’s where the Ohea smart bed comes into play, promising to take the fuss out of bed-making. What other everyday rituals could become automated?

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