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“Social timeline” offers crowdsourced dating advice

Wednesday, 14 November 2012 | By Michelle Hammond

start-up0-idea-wot-went-wrongMelbourne-based website WotWentWrong has launched a social timeline for people to seek crowdsourced dating and relationship advice, and record their relationship milestones.


The timeline, dubbed “Impressions”, lets people anonymously post about general dating topics or their relationships, and solicit crowdsourced advice from the community via polls and comments.


Users follow other people’s relationships and populate their timelines with community dating content, filterable by topics such as “flirting”, “first dates” and “celebrity breakups”.


People can also anonymously record and share all the milestones of their relationships – from “first date” and “became exclusive” to “we’re engaged” and “first child”.


“Not everyone talks to their best friends about intimate dating details, and many people aren’t comfortable airing their relationship’s dirty laundry over Facebook or Twitter,” WotWentWrong chief executive Audrey Melnik says.


“But the social web has gotten us used to sharing personal thoughts online, as well as commenting on other people’s news, and asking a community or… engaging experts for advice.”


“WotWentWrong is bringing the interactivity we’re already living online into the relationship space – and lessening the risk with an anonymous layer.”


Why stop at relationships? Surely there are other topics that could be discussed via social timelines.