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Thinking of U – Gift-giving App: Start-up Idea

Taking the guesswork out of gift giving

By Michelle Hammond
Monday, 17 September 2012

start-up-idea-tofuA new Australian iPhone app, Thinking of U, or TofU, aims for users to no longer have to try and read someone’s mind when it comes to buying them a gift.


The app was launched by Sydneysider Kristen Dinsdale. It has been downloaded by about 1,700 people in more than 20 countries.


It works by letting you list the things you love – whether it’s your favourite food, flowers or brand – and share it with family and friends, who in turn share their preferences with you.


Dinsdale, originally from the United States, says she came up with the idea after finding it difficult to buy gifts for people overseas.


She says it could work for occasions ranging from comforting a friend with their favourite ice cream after a breakup to helping you decide what dessert to bring to a dinner party.


Given our obsession with finding the perfect gift for someone, apps such as TofU are definitely in demand. How else might you take the stress out of gift giving?

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