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Basic Skills Training, Services Sector: Start-up Idea

Training trend presents start-up chance

By Michelle Hammond
Monday, 18 April 2011

Literacy and numeracy skillsBusiness and industry groups were shocked to learn recently that around half of working-age Australians have difficulty with numeracy and literacy skills.


According to a report launched by Australia’s Industry Skills Councils, 53% of Australian adults experience difficulties or make mistakes when working with numbers or handling money.


The report also shows that 46% of Australian adults experience difficulties or make mistakes when reading and writing.


“A move away from low-skilled work to greater knowledge-based work has increased the need for workers with good language, literacy and numeracy skills,” the report says.


“Rapid changes in technology have triggered the creation of new business models, systems and processes that require considerable and ongoing up-skilling of the workforce.”


As technology continues to change the way we operate, it also ups the ante on what is expected of employers with regard to skills. Does this present a business opportunity for a specialised training service?


When it comes to technology, services that can re-skill older workers or educate migrants will become increasingly valuable, so why not consider the educating and training sector as a potential source of start-up ideas?

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