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Start-up Idea: Weigh To Go, Travel Item

Travel idea is the right weigh to go

By Michelle Hammond
Friday, 25 February 2011

Weigh To GoAnyone who has been on a plane knows how strict airlines are about luggage weight limits and those who exceed them are often relieved of extra money.


Rather than drag out the scales every time they need to catch a flight customers are being encouraged to take advantage of a new travel accessory called Weigh To Go.


Developed in the US, Weigh To Go is a digital scale, identification tag and built-in lock, combining three important elements of interstate or international travel.


Weigh To Go is essentially a plastic shell with a rubber exterior for protection when in transit.


Two Velcro straps wrap around the underside of the luggage handle to secure the unit.


To activate its weighing capacity users press the power button and set the unit to pounds or kilograms.


Once fastened to the luggage users grab the Weigh To Go and pull forward, lifting the suitcase gently off the ground.


After the luggage has been lifted for about five seconds users slowly lower it to the ground and the Weigh To Go handle displays the weight on its digital interface.


Any product that can make consumers’ airport experiences easier is almost certain to take off, so perhaps there is an Australian opportunity to develop other handy items for the seasoned traveller.

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