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True3D, Safety-conscious Sat-nav System: Start-up Idea

True3D sat-nav puts safety first

By Michelle Hammond
Tuesday, 08 November 2011

True3DA new sat-nav can project route directions onto windscreens, leaving drivers with no excuse for getting lost.


Developed by California-based company Making Virtual Solid, True3D paints a transparent red 3D line, which hovers above the road.


The display can also highlight roadside safety signs or petrol stations. According to the makers, the technology is less distracting than existing sat-nav systems.


It requires only a small hardware package, operates in bright sunlight and is unaffected by either the driver or the car’s movements so that the illusion remains stable.


In addition, the display can project more traditional text and graphics, though in larger size and closer to the driver’s eye level.


While True3D is still at a demonstration level, it’s believed it could make a big difference to driving safety if it can operate successfully in the real world.


Any technologies that can enhance safety, particularly in relation to cars, always prove popular. Why not develop your own safety-conscious sat-nav system?

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