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Start-up Idea: Rentachook, Try-Before-You-Buy Model

Try-before-you-buy model has business clucking

By Michelle Hammond
Monday, 21 February 2011

RentachookCustomers can rent anything from houses and cars to handbags and toys, but what about a chicken?


It might not sound like a viable business idea, but Sydney-based business Rentachook has built an entire operation based on that very concept.


The business works on a try-before-you-buy model – customers buy a fully-equipped chook pen, along with hens, food and straw, and have up to six weeks to decide whether or not they’d like to keep chooks on a permanent basis.


If customers decide to return the chooks and coop, their deposit is returned. Longer trials are also an option if customers can’t make a decision within the six-week timeframe.


But as the business states on its website, “Once you have had the pleasure of a rich, gooey, fresh, homegrown egg, you won’t ever be satisfied with the bland, pasty, shop-bought offerings again!”


“We manufacturer and sell eco-friendly chicken coops as well as hens, certified organic feed and everything else chooks might need.”


Regardless of the category, many customers appreciate a try-before-you-buy option to fully assess their desire for a product, and clearly chooks are no different. What other lifestyle products would work well within this model?

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