01:32am | Thursday, 30 June 2011

Virtual mannequins a perfect fit for online shopping

0 Comments | Business ideas | PRINT | | By Michelle Hammond
FitBots from Fits.meOnline mannequins called FitBots are seeking to revolutionise the way consumers purchase clothes online, by changing shape according to the measurements entered by the shopper.


They allow shoppers to virtually try on garments before buying them, taking the guesswork out of online retail.


Heikki Haldre heads Fits.me Virtual Fitting Room, the Estonian company behind the technology.


According to Haldre, the mannequins could adjust to almost any female body type, giving women the confidence to purchase items without physically trying them on.


The FitBots are composed of flexible panels which can shift between thousands of shapes and sizes, from small to extra large, with the company claiming they can contort to match 85% of women.


Shoppers at participating sites enter their measurements on an online forum. They won’t see the robot transforming to fit the clothes in real time, but they will see photos of their style choices fitted to a mannequin that has been transformed to match the measurements they have provided.


As online shopping continues its phenomenal rise in popularity, anything that can make the process even easier for consumers is likely to do well, so why not come up with your own idea?