02:19am | Thursday, 17 January 2013

Want to know how something smells? Use your phone

0 Comments | Business ideas | PRINT | | By Michelle Hammond

start-up-idea-smellophoneMobile phones will be able to smell, hear and taste within five years, according to IBM. The computer giant expects the gadgets to be able to mimic all five senses by 2018.


It says infrared and haptic technologies will enable a smartphone’s touchscreen and vibration capabilities to simulate the sensation of touching.


It would allow us to experience the silkiness of Egyptian cotton sheets from a catalogue.


IBM says the machines will be able to hear in five years and know when we are talking to them, as well as use taste to predict what food we like.


Smell technology would tell us if the food we are about to eat contains bacteria, IBM predicts.


Surely this technology would create opportunities for entrepreneurs, whether they are in retail, the food business or another industry. Can you think of any ideas?