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Xena-inspired Armour For Women: Start-up Idea

Xena: Warrior armour

By Michelle Hammond
Friday, 20 July 2012

start-up-idea-xenaThe US military has turned to cult fantasy series Xena: Warrior Princess for inspiration for a new range of female-friendly body armour.


Army engineers are heading to the drawing board with the Lucy Lawless character in mind, designing new gear for women in the field that better fits the curve of the female shape.


The military decided to start reimagining the body armour in 2009, when women of the 101st Airborne division went to war and felt uncomfortable in the army-provided gear.


“It rubbed on the hips and the vests were too long in the front,” said Lt Colonel Frank Lozan, who is helping design the armour.


“So when you had female soldiers climbing stairs or climbing up a hill or a tree, or sitting for a long time in a vehicle, that would create pressure points that… could impact blood flow and cause some discomfort.”


As more women decide to join the defence force, uniforms that are better suited to the female form are sure to be considered, so why not design your own?

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