BonusTree Benefits Program Highlights Growth Of Start-up-related Businesses

BonusTree benefits program highlights growth of start-up-related businesses

By Michelle Hammond
Wednesday, 20 February 2013

A new Sydney-based start-up called BonusTree has launched with a vision to offer entrepreneurs relevant business and lifestyle perks, as start-up-related businesses become more common.


The BonusTree platform, which is currently in beta, is designed to give small businesses access to the sort of employee benefits typically offered by large corporations.


BonusTree is the brainchild of Luke Ryan, who also founded online retailer Details by Sven.


The discovery of one well-established employee benefits program – charging a minimum of $15,000 per annum to participate – is what prompted Ryan to create BonusTree.


Ryan is marketing the platform as an employee benefits program for entrepreneurs.


“You know how if you work for a big company you can access employee benefits like gym discounts, etc?” Ryan says.


“Well BonusTree is a benefits program that helps small business entrepreneurs access an affordable platform of benefits.


“BonusTree members can discover and access exclusive benefits, from the tools and technology that will grow their business, as well as lifestyle benefits to help reward employees.”


The first wave of business benefits includes services from 99designs, Optimizely and Zirtual, while the lifestyle element includes incentives from Quickflix, Delivery Hero and Naked Wines.


Ryan says BonusTree is catering for the “massive shift” in employment trends, as independent workers such as entrepreneurs, freelancers and consultants become more commonplace.


But Ryan isn’t the first entrepreneur to start a business for other entrepreneurs. Here’s what a few others are doing.


Alan Arnott, Technology Lawyer


Arnott, a technology lawyer based in Sydney, was inspired to create a start-up that could help other start-ups.


“I specialise in providing legal advice and representation to tech companies, many of which are tech start-ups,” Arnott says.


“I… understand that the traditional method of charging hourly rates is not appealing to start-ups. That is why I have decided to launch a new online service.


“The website enables start-ups to purchase, for immediate download, legal agreements that are designed for tech and telco organisations.


“Each agreement also comes with a limited amount of free legal advice.”


James Billingham and Duncan Shaw, Squeeze1


StartupSmart recently spoke to Squeeze1, a Perth-based website where entrepreneurs and companies can test their ideas before investing in them.


“ will be a great platform for entrepreneurs to help them understand what the people want,” Billingham told StartupSmart this month.


“Whether you have a start-up that’s been going for years or you haven’t launched yet, Squeeze1 could help you with big decisions.


“It could also be a great marketing tool to get people interested in your start-up.”

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