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By Taskmaster
Monday, 08 October 2012

taskmasterRecently, Taskmaster Enterprises has been growing. Being the caring soul that I am, I don’t have an issue with my staff being crammed in like caged vicuñas.


However, the OH&S people seem to think overcrowding is a bad idea. So rather than move to a new building, we’ve gone through the long and torturous process of having another floor added to Taskmaster Towers.


Building up instead of moving out seemed like an easy decision. That was until the builders arrived.


Gas masks are now being handed out at reception to cope with the paint fumes. Electricians switch the power off at inexplicable times without warning. Gyprock and bricks are taking up valuable parking spaces. And I can’t remember if I already mentioned the paint fumes – I’m feeling a little delirious.


Nonetheless, the project has reinforced a valuable lesson about long-term planning.


The reason we were able to build up instead of being forced to move out was because the architects and engineers originally designed the building to be capable of being expanded. The foundations were dug deeper than they needed to be and the support pillars built thicker, allowing for the building to be expanded in the future.


At the time the original plans were drawn up, there were no immediate plans to expand the building. However, to the credit of the designers, the foresight to see that someone might want to extend the building at some point in the future has given us the option of building up instead of moving out.


When you embark on a major project, do you factor in your future needs, like the architects of Taskmaster Towers? If you’re not sure, review your plans and find out.


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