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RunPee – Offers Users Well-timed Toilet Runs: Start-up Idea

Timing your movie toilet runs

By Michelle Hammond
Thursday, 08 November 2012

start-up-idea-movieSometimes it’s hard to anticipate nature’s call before settling into that edge-of-your-seat slasher flick.


But there’s an app called RunPee that lets you know the best times for a toilet run without missing any key moments of a movie.


“The RunPee app is primarily here to help you enjoy your movie-going experience by telling you the best times to run and pee without missing anything important,” writes Dan Florio on the RunPee website.


“The RunPee family… see[s] each wide release movie that comes out on opening day. We watch for three to five-minute spans in the movie where nothing really exciting, or funny, or important happens.”


“We start looking for peetimes about 30 minutes into the movie and we stop when there’s only 20-30 minutes left in the movie.”


“Each peetime has a synopsis of what happens. So if you do need to run and pee then you’ll be able to come back to the theater knowing exactly what happened while you were taking care of business.”


It may sound ludicrous, but the ability to watch films with as few interruptions as possible is bound to appeal to dedicated movie-goers.


By why stop at movies? Why not apply the same concept to video games, plays and other forms of entertainment?

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