With these business resources the Australian Institute of Company Directors will help you:

  • Understand the duties and responsibilities of directors
  • Create and identify opportunities to secure your first directorship
  • Set yourself apart from other aspiring directors
  • Ensure you’re asking the right questions before accepting a board appointment
  • Build your director brand in-person and online

General Duties of Directors Q&A

This Q&A will provide aspiring directors with an understanding of the role and responsibilities of directors so that they can build the knowledge and credibility needed to confidently embark on a directorship.

How to find a Directorship Q&A

For the aspiring director, finding a directorship involves creating opportunities. This Q&A will help you identify potential opportunities that will increase your chances of securing your first board position.

The aspirant director armed with ambition

In this article, Helen McCombie, a Partner at Citadel outlines a few critical pointers that will set you apart from the many aspiring directors vying for board placements.

Getting Started as a Director – Due Diligence Checklist

This practical checklist outlines the many considerations aspiring directors should make prior to accepting any board appointment - helping you to minimise risk and maximise your contribution.

Building your Director Brand

This article offers useful tips and hints from practicing directors on how you can enhance your directorship brand to help you secure your first director position. This includes how you can best use social media to help you gain your first board position.

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