How secure are your business systems?

These business resources from Symantec will help you:

  • Understand the basics of SSL;
    • Learn how to protect sensitive business systems and downloads;
    • Better tackle the cybercrime landscape;
    • Develop an eCommerce strategy to boost sales;
    • and much, much more.


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    Cybercrime Survival Video

    The web has been overrun by data thieves. In their battle to obtain your information, ignorance is their greatest weapon, knowledge their greatest foe. Don’t let their next victim be you or your organization.

    Cybercrime Survival Guide

    61% of websites serving malware are legitimate sites. This essential survival guide will help you navigate the wilds and come out of the other side safe, sound and protected.

    Symantec Internet Security Threat Report 2014

    The threat landscape is evolving faster than ever. Symantec has the most comprehensive source of Internet threat data in the world monitoring threat activity in over 157 countries. Stay informed and stay safe, download the latest Symantec Website Security Threat Report.

    Beginners Guide to SSL

    Whether you are an individual or a company, it is important to understand the potential risks of playing and working in the online landscape and more importantly ensuring you are fully protected against them.

    Ecommerce Strategy

    The world of ecommerce never stands still. Neither should your ecommerce strategy. Find out how to improve online visitor acquisition and conversion rates.

    To Increase Downloads, Instill Trust First

    No matter how exciting your latest application or functionality may be, there are potential risks in installing your code if it is unprotected. Boost your sales by protecting your intellectual property and building customer confidence and trust.

    Heartbleed – how to protect your business

    In April 2014 the OpenSSL vulnerability, dubbed "Heartbleed", was identified which allows attackers to read the memory of the systems using vulnerable versions of OpenSSL software. Here we offer detailed information about Heartbleed and how to protect your business.

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