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THE NEWS WRAP: Kickstarter simplifies campaign rules

Wednesday, 4 June 2014 | By Kye White

Kickstarter has simplified rules for campaigns in an attempt to make the service easier to use than ever before.


It’s announced Launch Now, a new feature which gives creators a choice to launch their projects whenever they’re ready, or to get feedback from one of Kickstarter’s community managers first.


Kickstarter’s guidelines have also been boiled down to three basic principles: projects must create something to share with others; projects must be honest and clearly presented; projects cannot fundraise for charity, offer financial incentives, or involve prohibited items.


Google is making end-to-end encryption easier

Google has launched an alpha version of a new tool called End-to-End, a Chrome extension that is intended for users who need additional security.


End-to-End encryption means the data leaving a user’s browser will be encrypted until the message’s intended recipient decrypts it.


Zenefits raises another $66.5m

After raising $15m in a series A funding round four months ago, cloud-based human resource startup Zenefits has raised an additional $66.5m from return investor Andreessen Horowitz along with Institutional Venture Partners.


The startup was founded on the idea of simplifying the process of HR companies by providing a simple user interface for personnel departments as well as the rank and file, making it easier to keep track of their pay and benefits.



The Dow Jones Industrial Average is down 21.29 to 16,722.34. The Australian dollar is currently trading at US93 cents.