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THE NEWS WRAP: Apple looks at sapphire screens but cost is a factor

Friday, 15 August 2014 | By Kye White

Apple is considering using its sapphire unbreakable screens in more-expensive models of the two larger iPhones it plans on unveiling later this year, if it can get enough of the material, sources tell The Wall Street Journal.


Analysts estimate that a sapphire screen costs Apple about $16 to produce, compared to just $3 for Gorilla Glass, the heavy-duty glass used in current iPhones


Sapphire is already used to cover the iPhone’s camera lens and fingerprint reader. It doesn't crack or scratch as easily as glass, withstands high temperatures and resists corrosion.


Using sapphire would lead to fewer broken screens and Apple would save money in warranty costs, but analysts estimate those savings wouldn’t offset the higher cost of sapphire and, as such, would lead to smaller profit margins or higher prices for Apple products.



Robin Williams’ daughter bullied off Twitter


Twitter has vowed to improve its policies after trolls bullied Robin Williams’ daughter off of Twitter and Instagram just days after her father’s death, The Washington Post reports.


A handful of Twitter users sent Zelda Williams messages on Twitter that blamed her for her father’s death, as well as pictures of her father altered to show bruises around his neck.


Twitter says it will not tolerate abuse of this nature and a number of accounts have been suspended relating to the issue.


Ask.com buys Ask.fm


California-based Ask.com has announced it has acquired Ask.fm, a popular question-and-answer website, the New York Times reports.


Formerly known as AskJeeves when it began as a search engine in 1995, this is Ask.com’s first significant push into social networking.


Ask.fm has 180 million regular monthly users, 40% of whom are younger than 18.


Terms of the deal were not disclosed.




The Dow Jones Industrial Average is up 61.78 to 16,713.58. The Australian dollar is currently trading at US93 cents.