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THE NEWS WRAP: Google introduces Android Pay in US

Friday, 29 May 2015 | By Kye White

Google has introduced Android Pay, a feature which will allow users to pay with a single tap when shopping in apps, online, and in stores.


Over 1000 Android Apps will now have a “pay with Android Pay” option, and its physical tap and pay service will be available in over 700,000 stores across the US. Google gave no indication if or when the service might be available in Australia.


In a blog post, Google’s director of product management, Pali Bhat, says the Android Pay app would be available for download soon.


“Things are more interesting when we create them together. So we’ve approached Android Pay the same way we approach every other part of the Android family – partnering with the ecosystem – bringing together mobile carriers, payment networks, banks and retailers to deliver you choice and flexibility. And offering developers an open platform to collectively push mobile payments forward,” he says.


Apple acquires augmented reality startup Metaio

Metaio, an augmented reality startup launched in 2003 as part of a project at Volkswagen, has been acquired by Apple, TechCrunch reports.


The startup’s tools have been used to produce augmented reality tours of cars, or one for travellers in Berlin that shows them what the scene would have looked like when the Berlin Wall was still standing.


Ad tech startup GumGum raises $US26 million


Digital advertising startup GumGum, which provides technology that embeds ads within editorial images, has raised $US26 million, The Wall Street Journal reports.


The investment from Morgan Stanley Expansion Capital will position the startup for an initial public offering in 2017.



The Dow Jones Industrial Average is down 36.87 to 18,126.12. The Australian dollar is currently trading at US77 cents.


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