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THE NEWS WRAP: Google I/O conference reveals “ambitious” changes to Android and Chrome

Thursday, 26 June 2014 | By Kye White

Developers at Google’s I/O conference got a preview of what Google is calling its “most ambitious release yet”.


In a statement on its blog, Google says it’s evolving Android and Chrome to make moving between screens on your phone, tablet, laptop, TV, car and watch, easier.


Android Wear extends Android and its ecosystem of apps to that most familiar spot for a “wearable”, the wrist.


Android Auto connects your Android phone to your car, allowing users to get directions, traffic updates, play music, without needing to use your phone at the wheel.


Google also announced Android TV, which in addition to Chromecast, will bring Android apps and games to the living room through a set-top box or as part of your TV.


Google says all these multi-screen experiences are built around a smartphone and basic internet connectivity; however, there are many people who still don’t have access to a smartphone.


In order to change that Google has announced Android One.


It’s working with partners on a solution to address the mobile computing needs of those in emerging markets. Android One will provide smartphones that are high quality, affordable and come with reasonable data plans.


Google acquires Appurify


Another Google announcement at I/O was its acquisition of Appurify, a startup that lets developers automate testing and optimization of their mobile apps and websites.


Appurify will stay open as a freemium cross-platform service but will get a big boost in distribution as it becomes integrated into the Google developer tool sack.


Samsung unveils Gear Live


Gear Live is a smartwatch that runs Google’s new operating system for wearables, the aforementioned Android Wear.


It will be able to work with any Android phone running version 4.3 or higher and includes a 1.63 inch Super AMOLED display, dust and water resistance, and a heart rate sensor.




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