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THE NEWS WRAP: Google looking for ways to get more children using its services

Tuesday, 19 August 2014 | By Kye White

Google has been working to overhaul its Web services so it can legally allow children to use them, The Information reports.


It’s looking at features that include a dashboard for parents to oversee their kids’ activities, a child-safe version of YouTube and requiring people who sign up for a Google account on Android devices to share their age.


The effort is being driven by Google’s desire to find new ways to expand its user base.


Tumblr partner will now scan photos for clues about brand affiliation


Yahoo-owned Tumblr has inked a deal with Ditto Labs, a company that analyses photos on social media for brand related data.


The deal will see Tumblr start to search through all the images on the site looking for clues about the brand affiliations of users.


Tumblr head of business development T.R Newcomb says the company isn’t planning on doing anything ad-related with that data, rather it will be available to advertisers who want to understand how they are perceived on the platform.


US nuclear regulatory commission hacked


In the last three years, United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission computers have been hacked by foreigners twice and an unidentifiable individual once, according to an internal investigation, Nextgov reports.


One incident involved emails sent to about 215 NRC employees in a phishing attempt which took users to a cloud-based Google spreadsheet. Twelve employees fell for the attempt. The IG Cyber Crime Unit was able to track the person who set up the spreadsheet to a foreign country.




The Dow Jones Industrial Average is up 175.83 to 16,838.74. The Australian dollar is currently trading at US93 cents.