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THE NEWS WRAP: Newspoll shows Labor staring at landslide defeat

Tuesday, 26 March 2013 | By Andrew Sadauskas

The Gillard government faces a landslide defeat at the September election, according to the latest Newspoll.


In a week mark by the mass resignation of senior ministers and a failed leadership bid by supporters of Kevin Rudd, Labor’s primary vote has slumped to just 30% compared to 50% for the Coalition.


Based on preference polls from the 2010 election, the Coalition has seen its two-party preferred rating rise to 58%, a six-month high, compared to just 42% for Labor.


Westfield continues asset sell-down


Shopping centre management giant Westfield has continued its sell-down of assets, with the group selling down its stake in some of its US malls.


In a $US670 million deal, Westfield has sold a 50% stake in eight of its US shopping centres to 'Connor Capital Partners, with Westfield maintaining management rights for the properties.


The deal has prompted speculation the company could be looking at similar deals for some of its Australian assets.


Former ACTU secretary attacks 457 visa claims, backs calls to end “Class warfare”


Former ACTU secretary Bill Kelty has attacked the federal government’s language on the 457 visa issue, while backing comments by Simon Crean and Martin Ferguson advising the government to tone down its “class warfare” rhetoric.


“Martin [Ferguson] is not some person who is naive and inexperienced, who has no depth or understanding of the labour movement. Simon Crean is not some naive and inexperienced person,” Kelty said.


“Kim Carr says the language on the 457 visas surprised him. Well, it surprised me too. I don't think you use terms like foreigners when a significant part of this country are people who come from other countries. We are not a xenophobic party and we are not a xenophobic nation, and we'll welcome people from other nations.”




The Dow Jones Industrial Average is down 0.44% to 14,447.75. The Aussie dollar is up to US104.64 cents.