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THE NEWS WRAP: Sony follows Microsoft lead and unveils PlayStation strategy for China

Monday, 26 May 2014 | By Kye White

Sony has followed the lead of Microsoft and has announced that it will be bringing PlayStation to China.


Sony will be working in collaboration with a Chinese company called Shanghai Oriental Pearl Culture Development.


About a month ago Microsoft announced a similar partnership with China’s BesTV to bring Xbox to China in September.


US may try to keep Chinese hackers away from Def Con


The US government is considering using visa restrictions to prevent Chinese nationals from attending hacking conferences as part of a broader strategy to curb Chinese cyber espionage.


A source told Reuters Washington could use visa restrictions and other measures to keep Chinese nationals from attending Def Con and Black Hat hack events in August to maintain pressure on China after the US charged five Chinese military officers with hacking into US companies to steal trade secrets.


Apple seeks Samsung sales ban and retrial for damages


After being awarded $119.6 million in damages from Samsung in the latest patent dispute between the tech giants, Apple is looking to get that number modified to a value closer to the $2 billion figure it initially requested.


In addition to the request for a partial retrial addressing the monetary damages Apple filed court documents seeking a permanent injunction against a number of older Samsung phones that a jury found infringed upon Apple patents.




The Dow Jones Industrial average is up 63.19 to 16,606.27. The Australian Dollar is currently trading at US92 cents.