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THE NEWS WRAP: Study shows male university graduates top earners over a lifetime

Wednesday, 24 October 2012 | By Oliver Milman

Someone with a university degree is likely to earn more than $1 million more than someone without a higher education, while pay gaps also continue to exist between men and women, according to a new report.


The National Centre for Social and Economic Modelling study found that someone with a bachelor degree will earn around $2.9 million during their lifetime.


Those who finish at year 12 will get around $2.07 million and year 11 finishers will earn just $1.74 million. Meanwhile, a man with a degree is likely to earn $3.66 million, while a women will amass just $2.14 million.


NSW set for new Packer casino


The NSW Government is set to give gambling magnate James Packer the green light to open a major new casino in Sydney, according to reports.


The Australian reports that the six-star complex has been approved by the state government cabinet, allowing Packer’s Crown empire to end Echo Entertainment Group’s monopoly in Sydney.


Palmer takes Titanic II global


Clive Palmer is to tout his replica of the ill-fated Titanic to wealthy individuals in a set of well-heeled lunches and dinners around the globe.


As part of his quest to conquer the seas in his Chinese-made vessel, the mining magnate is heading to London to hold the first of several black tie shindigs where guests, after gorging on duck and oysters, will be sold Palmer’s grand vision.




The Dow Jones Industrial Average was down 214.68 points, or 1.61%, to 13,131.21. The Australian dollar slipped to US103.19 cents.