Check your last back-up date in iOS

8:56AM | Monday, 20 August

One of the better features of Apple’s iCloud is the ability to now back up your devices in the cloud. You can do this with iPhones and iPads when the screens are locked; the device is plugged in, and connected to a wireless network.

Business app pitfalls to avoid

8:01AM | Tuesday, 14 August

Application development for mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets is becoming big business, with the market hitting an estimated value of $20.5 billion last year.

We’ve got a fancy website. Do we need to splash more cash on a mobile site too?

8:10AM | Tuesday, 7 August

I have started an online retail site that is fairly flashy. I’m now confronting the issue that we want customers to make purchases via their mobile phones – is it worth the time and money getting a specific mobile site?

Hold a sales idea blitz (and use these four free ideas)

8:42AM | Wednesday, 1 August

This article first appeared on July 21, 2011.   It’s a tough time to be a salesperson right now. Businesses and consumers are down on confidence, job losses are mounting, and everyone is hesitant to spend.

Sydney entrepreneur’s start-up smashes Kickstarter funding target

7:12PM | Thursday, 26 July

Sydney-born entrepreneur John van den Nieuwenhuizen has big plans for his Apple-inspired start-up Hidden, which is on the cusp of raising $1 million on crowdfunding website Kickstarter.

Can the Microsoft Surface tablet beat the iPad in business?

6:19AM | Wednesday, 20 June

Microsoft revealed its Surface tablet yesterday, and the reaction so far has been decidedly mixed.

Canadian coffee chain Esquires looks to Australia following NZ success

5:13AM | Monday, 28 May

Canadian coffee chain Esquires Coffee House is expanding into Australia following an entry to the New Zealand market, spearheaded by a high-tech store concept.

Do the work and get the most out of your systems

5:10AM | Tuesday, 22 May

New gadgets can boost your productivity. But you have to learn how to use them first.

Spotify banks on “freemium” model following Australian launch

5:28AM | Tuesday, 22 May

The local head of digital music service Spotify, which launched in Australia today, claims the company’s “freemium” model enables it to appeal to younger, cash-strapped consumers.

YouTube’s how-to category climbs up the ranks

4:16PM | Monday, 30 April

A local tech entrepreneur has sung the praises of YouTube as a communication channel, after it was revealed the video site’s how-to category is the third most searched category on the platform.

Rovio turns Angry Birds into TV series

4:09AM | Friday, 20 April

Feathers will fly on the box with mobile game Angry Birds being made into a TV show.

Gadgets dominate most searched-for items in March

4:52AM | Monday, 16 April

Apple and Samsung products were among the most searched for online items in March, according to findings from Getprice, but bicycles and leisure options were also high on the list.

Consumers warm to iPhone-friendly gloves

4:55AM | Thursday, 12 April

For those who commute to work via bus or train, cold winter mornings are a harsh reality, with many bored travelers whipping out their smartphones to make the journey go quicker.

Canadian retail giant Point Zero looks to Australia – here are five of its strategy secrets

4:07AM | Tuesday, 3 April

Another international retail giant is planning to set up shop in Australia with Canadian retailer Point Zero announcing plans to open its first Australian concept store at the end of this year.

Striking it rich

2:36PM | Tuesday, 21 February

Despite celebrating a decade at the helm of his $30 million revenue business, Melbourne entrepreneur Michael Schreiber has no intention of slowing down any time soon.

Patent attorneys under fire over “crippling” fees

3:06AM | Monday, 11 March

Australia’s patent attorneys have come under attack for charging too much for patent filing, with claims that some attorneys charge as much as $150,000 to file patents overseas.

Five stand-out start-ups from CES 2012

3:02AM | Monday, 11 March

This year’s Consumer Electronics Show have wrapped up with start-ups given a new bespoke exhibition area in which to stand out from the crowd.

Harvey Norman’s new website incorporates franchisees

11:37AM | Thursday, 24 November

Harvey Norman has finally launched an eCommerce site, despite the reservations of its chairman Gerry Harvey, but measures are in place to soften the blow for bricks-and-mortar franchisees.

Get around the iPad easier with iOS 5

10:55AM | Tuesday, 18 October

The new iOS 5 software is available for both iPhones and iPads, and while iPhones may have missed out on some useful gestures this time around, new ones for the iPad make it easier to browse around.

New technologies set to revamp retail landscape: Report

10:51AM | Tuesday, 18 October

New technology continues to redefine the point of purchase, according to a new PayPal report, with start-ups being urged to embrace new business models in order to remain competitive.