Facebook’s cashed-up backers turn their sights to start-ups

5:39AM | Monday, 21 May

Facebook’s much-hyped float saw its shares gain just 0.97% to end at $US38.37, but the IPO looks set to be a boon for start-ups, as the company’s cashed-up founders and early investors look to sink funds into ventures such as Quora and Crowdmob.

Five business rebrands that got lost in translation

5:17PM | Thursday, 17 May

Gone are the days when you can choose your new business’ name and logo safe in the knowledge that it won’t immediately be picked apart by consumers across the world.

Cashing in on social media

5:22AM | Wednesday, 2 May

“Oh God, it’s here! Hooray! Hooray… so… uh… what do we do with it?”

Food production business

8:31AM | Tuesday, 9 August

Australia’s food industry encompasses a wide range of products which, combined with cutting-edge technology, makes Australia a long-term supplier to global markets.

Top 10 PR disasters

5:44AM | Wednesday, 2 May

Just two weeks ago, Airbnb appeared to be on an unstoppable rise to the top. The business had expanded internationally, including Australia, and had raised $112 million in funding.

My First Vegemite highlights perils of spin-off products

2:36AM | Thursday, 17 February

A branding expert says start-ups must tread with caution with launching spin-off products or they run the risk of undermining their brand.

Coca-Cola hits marketing mark while Kraft stumbles

1:19AM | Thursday, 20 January

Start-ups can learn from the successes and failures of various FMCG brands last year, according to a new report.

Playing to the crowd for funding

4:59AM | Friday, 27 April

‘Crowdsourcing’ has become an oft-repeated term for businesses looking to engage consumers in decision-making; whether it’s coming up with the name for a new Vegemite brand, as Kraft did disastrously with iSnack 2.0, or asking drivers to report traffic jams, as Waze, a successful traffic information app, has done.