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Five email marketing sins you need to avoid

11:02AM | Wednesday, 7 November

Despite widespread predictions over the death of email as a marketing tool for businesses, it appears that the upcoming Christmas shopping season is set to be heavily influenced by the contents of consumers’ inboxes.

Web start-up hunts for a “founder apprentice”

8:13PM | Sunday, 19 August

Australian online start-up is on the hunt for a “founder apprentice”, who will work closely with the business’ co-founder Ned Dwyer on day-to-day operations. scores $450,000 from industry heavyweights

10:03PM | Thursday, 25 October

99designs co-founder Mark Harbottle is among the group of investors that has sunk almost half a million dollars into, a marketplace dedicated to minor website customisations.

Android download surge set to boost start-up app developers

9:03AM | Thursday, 8 September

Start-up app developers are set for a boost, with new research predicting that the number of Android downloads in the Asia-Pacific region will overtake Apple’s iPhone for the first time this year.

10 lessons from the 2011 Webby winners

5:31PM | Thursday, 5 May

With nearly 70 categories, attracting close to 10,000 entries from 60 countries, the Webby Awards don’t exactly provide a bite-sized snapshot of what defines the world’s top websites.