Top trends from the Mobile World Congress 2013

2:51AM | Thursday, 28 February

Technology advisory firm Ovum has highlighted a number of key trends to emerge from Mobile World Congress 2013, based on announcements from Telefonia, Google and MasterCard.

Facebook’s Graph Search tipped to boost online advertisers

3:14AM | Friday, 15 March

Facebook’s new Graph Search product is set to leverage member data to provide advertisers with more targeted, personalised advertising opportunities.

VC cash flowing to apps rather than telco networks: Report

9:54AM | Thursday, 27 September

Venture capital firms are too focused on funding “network users” such as mobile apps rather than the networks themselves, according to a new report.

Mobile marketers tipped to benefit from iPhone 5 roll out

9:42AM | Friday, 14 September

The release of the iPhone 5 could be a boon for mobile marketers, it’s been suggested, with the enlarged screen increasing the potential for consumers to interact with advertisements.

Google launches seven-inch Nexus tablet for $300 – and it’ll be in Australia by July

6:37AM | Thursday, 28 June

Google released a new tablet device overnight, and all signs are suggesting this may be the first gadget to mount a significant challenge to Apple’s market dominance – and Australians won’t be waiting long to get it.

Developers warned over Microsoft’s “mishmash” Surface tablet

6:28AM | Tuesday, 19 June

App developers have been urged to think twice before aligning themselves with Microsoft’s new “Surface” tablet, after analyst firm Ovum said the “mishmash” device could be confusing for consumers.

Global mobile advertising market grows to $5.46 billion: Report

6:29AM | Friday, 8 June

Start-ups are being encouraged to prioritise mobile digital advertising to take advantage of mobile’s “hyper-personal” nature, after figures highlighted its growth as an advertising medium.

IT service start-ups set to struggle: Ovum

2:48AM | Friday, 10 February

Start-ups in the IT industry have been put on notice after a new report revealed Australia’s IT services sector has been shrinking since 2011 and will continue to shrink this year.

Facebook IPO bolstered by third-party developers

3:55AM | Friday, 15 March

Facebook’s flotation has revealed that 12% of its revenue in 2011 came from social gaming company Zynga, with the social media giant admitting its performance will become increasingly reliant on new innovations.

Aussie gaming start-up Scalify to trial with Moshi Monsters

11:57AM | Wednesday, 9 November

Australian start-up Scalify will run a commercial trial of its game technology with UK-based online game Moshi Monsters, after winning a $98,000 proof-of-concept government grant.

Samsung Galaxy Nexus tipped to boost Android apps market

10:27AM | Thursday, 20 October

An expert says the Samsung Galaxy Nexus could stimulate the creation of apps for Android tablets, after becoming the first smartphone to launch with Google’s Android 4.0 software.

Abbott vows to repeal carbon tax

10:29PM | Wednesday, 12 October

Opposition leader Tony Abbott has renewed his pledge to repeal the carbon tax, which passed through the House of Representatives yesterday, in a move that could compromise SMEs’ long-term plans.

Steve Jobs in his own words: 20 of his best quotes

10:05AM | Thursday, 6 October

It really shouldn’t have been such a shock. Steve Jobs was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, a notoriously harsh version of the disease, in 2004, and whispers of his impending demise have circulated ever since.

iPhone 4S tipped to offer opportunities to app developers

10:46AM | Wednesday, 5 October

App developers have been warned to keep pace with the capabilities of the new Apple iPhone 4S or risk becoming obsolete.

Google-Motorola deal to “supercharge” Android platform

8:55AM | Tuesday, 16 August

Google’s acquisition of Motorola Mobility will “supercharge” the Android ecosystem, according to the company, but an industry expert claims the deal will have no major impact on developers.

Meet the female tech pioneers

5:29AM | Wednesday, 2 May

Peruse images of the founders of the world’s leading tech start-ups and you’ll probably notice a few common features – youth, casual attire and, tellingly, male.

Carbon tax tipped to create openings for tech start-ups

7:45AM | Tuesday, 12 July

Start-ups could be presented with opportunities by companies needing to upgrade IT systems to measure post-carbon tax energy use, according to analysts.

MySpace fate can be avoided with planning: analysts

7:24AM | Friday, 1 July

Start-ups have been urged to have a backup plan to protect themselves from competitors and to stick to their niche market “like glue”, following the sale of embattled social networking site MySpace.

Microsoft buys Skype for $US8.5bn

5:27AM | Wednesday, 11 May

Microsoft has purchased internet phone service company Skype for $US8.5 billion, representing the largest deal in the company’s history as it seeks to claw back market share from rivals Google and Facebook.

Small firms warned of smart phone security threat

3:17AM | Friday, 25 March

An IT security expert is urging small businesses to adopt data encryption software to safeguard against major smart phone security risks including data loss and theft.