Five key reasons why start-ups fail

11:35PM | Tuesday, 20 November

In a lively speech delivered last week, former opposition leader Malcolm Turnbull covered everything from hard hats and fluoro vests to the embracing of “creative destruction” in his critique of Australia’s start-up scene.

Top 10 worries keeping Aussie start-ups awake at night

11:39PM | Wednesday, 7 November

Cash and marketing are the two biggest concerns for Australian start-ups, according to two separate pieces of research released today.

Five weeks to create something special

8:31AM | Wednesday, 31 August

In July last year I almost had a revolt on my hands. I had just told my staff that we were going to launch a sister publication to SmartCompany on September 1.

PushStart mentor “speed dating” set to expand beyond Sydney

8:03AM | Tuesday, 16 August

Seed fund PushStart’s “speed dating” mentorship initiative is set to expand beyond Sydney to Melbourne and Brisbane later this year.

The rise of the start-up accelerators

4:18PM | Saturday, 28 April

A few years ago, the funding scenario for an innovative start-up was simple. Get a bank loan to get yourself started before turning to a grateful Australian-based VC who will help propel your business into the big time, in return for a juicy equity cut, of course.

PushStart offers CeBIT showcase opportunity to tech start-ups

5:27AM | Tuesday, 31 May

Australian tech seed fund PushStart is offering web-based start-ups the opportunity to showcase their ideas at CeBIT Australia’s Webciety pavilion for $25.

MEGA opportunity for tech start-ups

3:11AM | Thursday, 24 March

Tech start-ups have been offered the chance to pitch for investment through the three-month MEGA program, which kicks off in April.