Start-ups urged to use YouTube analytics update

3:47AM | Tuesday, 12 March

Google has released more analytics features for YouTube that will allow webmasters to get a better understanding of how they can use video to better connect with their customers, and create more engaging content.

Google+ open for business

11:34AM | Tuesday, 8 November

Google has opened its social network Google+ to businesses and brands, allowing companies to create their own pages, but the move has received a mixed reaction from industry experts.

Google upgrades Analytics tools to include real-time updates

9:07AM | Friday, 30 September

Google has introduced a new update to its Analytics tool that will let businesses see details about their traffic in real time as opposed to delayed updates, in a move that could allow businesses to better determine which marketing methods are netting them the most traffic.

Google snaps up restaurant site Zagat

9:19AM | Friday, 9 September

Google has purchased American restaurant review group Zagat, in a move that highlights the search engine giant's interest in user testimonials, as well as its considerable war chest for investing in small businesses.

New report highlights start-ups’ SEO struggles

8:56AM | Wednesday, 17 August

Consumers are drawn to the top-ranked searches when looking for products online, invariably overlooking smaller businesses, a new report reveals.

Top Google AdWords not off limits to start-ups: Survey

8:56PM | Thursday, 25 August

A new survey reveals the world’s most expensive Google AdWords, with “insurance”, “loans” and “mortgage” emerging as the top three categories, but experts say start-ups can get in on the action.

Google+ to rival Facebook for advertising dollars

6:10AM | Wednesday, 29 June

Internet search giant Google has launched a new social networking service designed to rival Facebook, in the company’s latest attempt to claim a slice of the social media market.

Search engine giants team up to launch SEO site

6:01AM | Friday, 3 June

Search engine giants Google, Yahoo and Microsoft Bing have joined forces to launch a new online resource in an effort to help site owners and developers improve their SEO.

SEO hijacking not off limits to start-ups

2:02PM | Wednesday, 16 February

An SEO expert says start-ups should consider hijacking search terms associated with other businesses in light of General Motors’ recent SEO success using phrases featured in popular Super Bowl advertisements.

Twitter trends have lessons for small firms

12:46AM | Tuesday, 14 December

Small businesses are being urged to study Twitter’s top trending topics for 2010 in order to contribute to conversations and build their profile.

Most SMEs don’t measure online marketing spend – here’s how you can do it

12:34AM | Monday, 13 December

SMEs might have got the message about digital marketing, but few actually know whether their efforts are paying off, with a new Yellow Pages survey showing 69% of SMEs don’t measure the return on investment of their online advertising expenditure.

Companies in the dark over converting web traffic into sales

12:26PM | Saturday, 4 December

Sixty per cent of companies with an online presence have no idea how to convert website visitors into customers, according to new research.

Top 10 tips to selling online

4:59AM | Friday, 27 April

Buying and selling online was once reserved for the tech savvy, but it’s now expected by customers and therefore a necessity for businesses.

Consumer confusion over search engine listings

12:45PM | Sunday, 5 December

Nearly two thirds of Australians cannot distinguish paid search engine listings from natural results, a new survey has revealed.