Startup Tasmania


Five ways to stay ahead of the copycats

8:50AM | Thursday, 23 August

It emerged this week that start-up retailer Lonely Kids Club deployed a novel method of combating what it perceived as a rival plagiarising its designs.

Hobart’s first start-up space holds the keys to entrepreneurial success

8:32AM | Wednesday, 15 August

The co-working trend continues to gather pace, with a new space set to launch in Hobart, much to the delight of Tasmanian start-ups, while a Melbourne suburb has been pegged as a potential location for a new collaborative hub.

Should I drop my prices to be more competitive with the big guys?

7:05PM | Tuesday, 17 July

This week’s Secret Soloist answer comes from Polly McGee, co-founder of Startup Tasmania.    A friend of mine tells a great anecdote about a hairdresser he knows who opened a salon in a suburban shopping centre.

Top 10 challenges faced by sole traders

6:43PM | Wednesday, 27 June

Taking the plunge and becoming your own boss is risky at the best of times, but the danger for sole traders is higher than for other types of business.