Taylor Woodings


Record numbers of businesses are for sale

3:02AM | Friday, 15 March

Once again private business sales listings have increased in the December quarter, with the BizExchange Index for Private Business Values reporting a 13% rise in sale listings, reaching record levels.

Top 10 fatal start-up mistakes

1:08AM | Monday, 7 January

This article first appeared June 22, 2012.   With warnings of a second global financial crisis and consumers at home who refuse to part with their cash, it may seem like hard times are ahead for Australian small businesses.

South Australia and Victoria worst hit as company collapses rise

7:19PM | Thursday, 5 July

Company collapses increased by 1.7% in May, with businesses in South Australia, Victoria and the ACT hardest hit by Australia’s uneven economy.

Manufacturing, tourism and retail worst hit by jump in collapses

7:08AM | Friday, 8 July

Insolvency experts are urging retailers, manufacturers and tourism operators to downgrade growth targets in light of new insolvency figures revealing that those sectors are the hardest hit.

Christmas cashflow woe could haunt start-ups

12:46PM | Sunday, 5 December

Start-ups need to combat a Christmas cashflow crunch despite a five-month low in insolvencies, according to industry experts.