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Taylah Hasaballah

Friday, 7 December 2012 | By Oliver Milman

4-HasaballahBusiness name: Tiger Temple


Age: 18


State: Queensland


Forced to scour op shops for clothes that she liked, Hasaballah struck upon the idea of launching an eCommerce site and accompanying blog to showcase little-known designers and offer something to shoppers who want something a little different.


The university student launched Tiger Temple at the start of 2012 and the impact has been immediate. A select range of designers – along with an in-house made brand – with 10 pieces each immediately sold, forcing Hasaballah to ramp up production.


Key to the site’s success has been its fully integrated use of social media, with 10,000 Facebook page views a week achieved through competitions, giveaways and interaction with users.


Hasaballah, who has been accepted into iLab, the Brisbane start-up incubator, also offers a different structure than most designers are used to.


“Many of them are faced with a 50% consignment rate, which isn’t good for them,” she says, “We offer consignment or wholesale and avoid having huge mark-ups. It allows customers to find clothes they won’t find anywhere else at a price that’s very competitive.”


The Brisbane young gun’s immediate goal is to hire staff for her burgeoning operation, before hitting 1,000 sales a week by next year.


“I want to be the market leader in street style, new designers and vintage clothing,” she says. “I think we’ll get there. A big advantage is that I am part of the market I’m selling to. There’s no better way to understand your customers than that.”