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Meet the Future Makers

Monday, 11 November 2013 | By Gavin Lower

Putting together our Future Makers list of young entrepreneurs aged 25 and under this year has been one of the most inspiring experiences I’ve had since becoming editor of StartupSmart earlier this year.

The optimism and drive to succeed of those chosen and profiled is wonderful to see and a refreshing change from the usual worrying stories around business conditions in Australia.


They all spoke enthusiastically (and quickly!) about their enterprises and how they wanted to grow.


The businesses they’ve created span a range of sectors – from robotics and medical devices, to online retail and business services. Their ideas have sprung from fields they feel passionate about or a problem or gap they’ve identified and want to fix.


They were also happy to pass on their advice and words of encouragement to fellow young entrepreneurs, including ‘believe in yourself’ and ‘work hard but also have fun’.


There’s no ranking to our list as we celebrate and recognise the young entrepreneurs who are making a mark and are setting out on their business journey. You can join in the conversation on Twitter with #FutureMakers.


So who made the list? To find out, read our full Future Makers list, complete with a profile of the entrepreneurs, below or by clicking here.


Alisha Wedderburn

Andy Crone, Adrian Grayson-Widarsito, Jon Wellman

Archie Whiting

Ash Davies

Ashleigh Grogan

Bridget Loudon

Cameron Rambert

Daniel Friedman

Elliot Smith, Jeremy Herbert, Gavin Kremor

Genevieve George

Joel Hauer

John Teoh, Michael Lim

Jonny O'Brien

Josiah Humphrey, Mark McDonald

Kirti Kogar

Marita Cheng

Naomi Henn

Sharon Latour

Sheng Yeo

Stephen Chapman

Tony Wu

Vanessa Picker