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Discussion started by Leigh Harris , on Monday, 06 September 2010 18:17

What am I doing wrong... My partner and I had been analysing our business ideas for quite sometime and decided to go for the option of a online business that would benefit Indigenous businesses and organisations throughout Australia.  As we are both Aboriginal business men we deciided to opt for an online business that would also be available onmobile, just the norm these days. 

Over the past month of it's first beta release we got phonecalls, email etc saying how great the site was and how it is a great benefitial idea to connect Indigenous Australian organisations, services and businesses.We did the basic Google and facebook advertising and go huge hits on the site online (9,000) and onmoblem (3,000) we are still laying in limbo with the site.  A few people have signed up but not heaps what the problem?

So we decided do do a Press Release and release it nationally and still no call from the media?  For god sake when everyone is screaming for digital content delivery particularily mobile delivery we have innovated the first Indigenous iphone, ipad, blackberry and Android applications but noone is picking it up.... Why?

When everyone is talking abotu Indigenous opportunities etc, why are we failing.

Any advise would be great.  The URL




PS and great site guys.

Oliver Milman
Hi Leigh,

it would be great to get the community's thoughts on this but, as a journalist myself, there are a few things you have to get right when you're trying for media coverage.

Just about every journalist gets bombarded on a daily basis by press releases and phone calls from PR agencies demanding coverage. A great deal of what is put forward is badly targeted, uninteresting or just plain dross.

I haven't seen your press release, but I'd suggest that you take a look at your approach so far. Who have you approached for coverage? How have you framed the release? Who will it appeal to? What wider points do you want to make? Have you called up to ask why your release hasn't been used and learn from what you've been told?

Think critically about your release. If you were a journalist, would you cover it?
652 days ago
Annne-Maree Denaro

I’ve been meaning to look at your site for weeks and now that I have it’s great.

I’m not indigenous but help some indigenous kids with their school work.

One thing that I’ve really noticed with these kids is that despite their disadvantage in other areas they are extremely techno savvy. How can you tap into that? It’s a pipline for the future but also the kids have lots of others around them who assist them and they could be potential customers. Maybe the indirect route is a way to go?

Good luck with
637 days ago
Campbell Corser
Hi Leigh,

What's your elevator pitch? Elevator pitches also apply to websites. Reason I say that is that when I looked at your site. I had to scroll down a bit to get a better idea of what your site & business was about. The top part of your website is the prime real estate. Just like how companies fight to be ranked number one on Google, you should be treating the top of your website the same and putting your elevator pitch there. Bounce rates on websites are high, if people can't find what they're looking for, they leave and leave quickly. I see you have linked to us in a rotating banner position however it is the first link looking at the website from the top down and it clicks off your site. I think it would be good for you to look at your homepage "above the fold" as we call it, the section of your homepage or webpage you can see without having to scroll.

636 days ago
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