Arbib, Federal Labor and Small Business.

Discussion started by aussielibertarian , on Wednesday, 28 December 2011 23:06

Mark Arbib as Small Business Minister. What a bloody disgrace! A slap in the face for small businesses everywehre!


But let's go back a step. Right now in this country, we have an illegitimate Prime Minister. The fact of the matter is that Julia Gillard was never elected Prime Minister by the people of Australia.


The last Prime Minister to win an election in this country was Kevin Rudd. Yes, I don't like him either, but the fact is, after the Union scare campaign about WorkChoices, people voted for their local Labor MPs to make Kevin Rudd our Prime Minister. I remember my local polling booth. All those Labor Uni students handing out How to Vote cards wearing Kevin07 t-shirts.


Of course, the faction bosses decided they didn't like the democratic will of the Australian people. The faction bosses being the henchmen of the Union bosses who branch stack local Labor Party branches across Australia to get their Apparatchiks into Parliament.


The important thing to remember is that these factional bosses are self appointed. They don't even represent the whithered remains of Labor's grass roots membership.


So something extraordinary happened. A coup by a group of unelected party officials against a legitimate democratically elected Prime Minister.I mean seriosuly, did you elect Shorten, Feeney, and the other cronies led by Arbib and Bitar of the NSW Right Unions, sorry (we have to be politically correct here), the NSW Right "Faction" of the ALP.


In the background, Tony Abbott surprised the latte sipping left wing inner city elites by tearing a hole in the Government. The focus group and opinion pole driven factional bosses, who don't have an opinion between them, took it on themselves to appoint a new leader.


In the same way they did in NSW when they rolled Iemma for Rees and Rees for Kinearly, they rolled Rudd for Gillard.


Now, I've heard the Laborites say that we don't elect a Prime Minister even by proxy, we elect local MPs who elect the Prime Minister. Well, the local MPs didn't get a vote. Rudd was pressured to resign before they had a chance. Not even someone as senior as Senator Faulkner knew it was coming: when he first heard about it while it was happeneing during his interview on the 7.30 Report, he thought the Union bosses were coming out for him!


No election. No accountability. No mandate.


So we went to an election. An election Labor did not win in their own right. Gillard and the factional bosses struck deals with the Greens and the Country Independents to form Government. Gillard again had not been elected in majority.


No election. No accountability. No mandate. Again.


The Green's price was a unilateral war on carbon. For years, they whined about the US launching a unilateral war in Iraq. They said it was a bad idea because the US couldn't solve Iraq's problems unilaterally. Yet here they are in 2011 demanding their unilateral war on carbon.


Meanwhile, the stinking joke that is Fair Work continues to fester. The sole thing propping up our economy, mining, gets slugged with a big new tax. And the final slap in the face for small business: Arbib gets appointed small business minister.


What a joke. What a disgrace. When it comes to small business, Labor just doesn't care!


Time for a new election!

Sally Smith
Steve, you seem to be under the delusion that all small business owners are Tories like yourself. Where small business owners don't care about issues like gender equality, gay and lesbian rights, the environment, or public education. Frankly, what you wrote reads like a Liberal Party press release. The truth is the MSM hasn't ever given Labor a fair go, and Julia is getting on with it in spite of the constant carping of the Murdochracy.
49 days ago
Steve Taylor
Sally, you seem to be under the delusion that the ALP isn't anti-entrepreneurship and anti- anything that involves people taking real action at the grassroots level to make meaningful change. Just look at their despicable attitude and behaviour regarding Sea Shepherd - the only organisation actually taking action to protect whales from "scientific" whaling. That's one example. The sham contractor witch hunt is another. There are so many more.
31 days ago
Sally Smith
Steve, (out of interest, are you the same Steve as aussielibertarian or are there two Steves on here?) I was answering the O.P., who suggested (here and in other posts) that small businesspeople are all Ayn Rand Thatcherite types who don't have any concerns for anything other than money. This isn't true. In fact, a lot of the opportunities for small business are in creating niche products for people who are concerned about the environment, fair trade, and other issues that big businesses don't concern themselves with.

As for the Government, okay Gillard isn't perfect. But do you honestly think Tony would be any better? The Government, in spite of having to deal with both Bob Katter and Bob Brown, have gotten on with the job of running the country with the MSM and the Murdoch press carping every step of the way. Some of it is blatant sexism who still can't get their head around a woman being Prime Minister. Some of it is just pure bloody minded ideology. But the fact is that you can't honestly say that Julia has been given a fair go!
29 days ago
I can confirm there is more than one Steve on here.

But seriously, *I* sound like a Liberal Party press release?! No, I believe in principles. Principle like freedom and entrepreneurship. If Tony works out as our next Prime Minister and holds to cutting waste, debt and taxes then you can count me as a supporter. If he uses his power to enforce a big government agenda then I don't. If anything, what Australia needs is a Ron Paul figure to really get the country on track.

I'm not, however, the one defending the worst government this country has ever had. Gillard isn't perfect? That's the understatement of the millennium.

Look, it's not the Murdoch press that made her cobble together an unworkable coalition with the Greens and every sellout country independent in Canberra. It's not the Murdoch press who made her roll a legitimately elected PM without her own MPs getting a vote. It's the Murdoch press that saw the Malaysia solution defeated in the High Court. It's not the Murdoch press that said there would be no Carbon Tax. The list goes on...

And yes, big government *IS* the natural enemy to small business and entrepreneurship. That's why so many small business people are naturally libertarians.
19 days ago
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