Labor imploding

Discussion started by aussielibertarian , on Wednesday, 22 February 2012 22:29

Looks like the factionocracy is (finally) imploding under the weight of its own stupidity. I notice the Greenies and Laborites have gone silent of late. Funny about that!


Still, the public are seeing Labor for what they really are, and no matter who "wins", this mob will be out of power for a decade.


Bring on the next election I say!

Sally Smith
Is that where Julia comprehensively vanquished the challenge by Kevin Rudd? Or where she outmaneuvered the whole Canberra Press Gallery and got Bob Carr in? Or the part where the public finally got to know what Kevin was like and why they really got rid of him?
167 days ago
You left out the part where the people of Queensland got completely sick and tired of Labor's Big New Carbon Tax and left the ALP with 6 or 7 seats I think!

In fact, Rudd was probably just about their last life raft. At this point, thanks to the big new tax that Julia wouldn't introduce under any government she leads, it looks like your mob are just about dead in the water at this point!
149 days ago
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