How do you use Twitter for your business?

Discussion started by Oliver Milman , on Wednesday, 15 September 2010 16:55

How do you use Twitter as a marketing tool for your business? Do you find it to be an invaluable way to reach consumers or just a pointless echo chamber?

Amanda Gome
Twitter is fantastic. We use Twitter to get people to our site. People use Twitter in the same way they use RSS or subscribe to emails. They follow our SmartComapny Twitter account so they get all the SME news immediately it's posted on our site. We are currently creating different Twitter channels so people can subscribe to alerts on different content. Our most popular Twitter channell is the aunty b channel, iamaunyB where people get one tweet a day answering the difficult questions that our readers send in.
597 days ago
James Thomson
I've found that the best thing about Twitter is the information you can pick up by following the right people. Just by following some key overseas news sites (NYTimes, FT, Forbes) you can get a constant stream of business trends from overseas. You'll get a huge benefit from just watching people, even if you don't want to Tweet yourself.
596 days ago
John Cirocco
I see twitter (and facebook) integration as an important step in enhancing web presence. Most of the time I recommend clients link their website (blog) to twitter so content updates are syncronised to all channels. We really want to be where people are, and since not all people are in the same place, twitter gives us another avenue for exposure.
596 days ago
Campbell Corser
Monitoring. It's important to have you ear to the ground in the Twitter world. They're the first to pick up if technical problems, typos and things like that on a site. And also can give valuable/immediate feedback to what you're doing.
593 days ago
Simon Richardson
Twitter is only 1 part of a larger marketing approach that for Tool-Log involves facebook, tell your mates (tell-a-friend), blogs (content with article marketing).

Twitter is the best way to intimately listen, join, engage, network, build, profit, manage.

I use Nutshell Mail to aggregate my twitter and facebook feeds into email throughout the day automatically. Its a free service and saves me from the twitter time vortex!

We look to provide something useful or interesting for our followers - something that may solve a problem they may have or are likely to have.

Some of this is automated and some of it is personal....You cant do it all manually an dyou cant do it all have to engage at a level appropriate with the business you are generating from that participation.

574 days ago
Dean Wormald
Putting the whole integrated digital marketing strategy aside, I use my business Twitter profile a lot (@MakingWebsites) to post cool links or share what others are saying. When it's something that takes a different perspective from the norm, I'll end up getting a few more followers from each tweet.

Invaluable... yes.
194 days ago
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