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Discussion started by John Cirocco , on Wednesday, 29 September 2010 18:48

Hey Everyone,

Ive just posted an article which might be useful for some of you or alternatively you could provide additional tips which I might have overlooked.

If you've got some ideas I'd be happy to hear them.

Often I have these ideas's while I'm onsite working, then when I get time to write a post I forget most of it!



Amanda Gome
Thanks John. Why don't you take a little tape recorder with you and talk into it?
Cheers, Amanda
657 days ago
Campbell Corser
Good tips. Especially Number 2... no point in diong back ups unless you verify them.
651 days ago
Simon Richardson
John, I think the most important part of your article is "It is extremely important that backups are performed and taken off site."

No use religiously backing up and then leaving it to be stolen, burnt, destroyed etc.

We use (free version for now) which works a treat for backing up, remote access and sharing too.
650 days ago
John Cirocco
Thanks for your input everyone. Amanda, my iphone has a voice recording ability but I have never used it, thanks for the tip.
646 days ago
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