My Technology Confession ;-)

Discussion started by Simon Richardson , on Friday, 08 October 2010 23:02

I have a confession to make....I'm doing all the work in my company becuase my co-director does not have the relevant technology skills.

He is a however a great communicator which is great for 1 on 1 networking and events, but our business model is born on the web, requiring high competanices in everything from php and sql right through to basic wordpress and twitter interaction & operation.

We have spoken at length about this, implemenetd step by step action plans - but nothing beats someone that really gets the tech and knows how to bend and mold and tweak and trick it -quickly, daily, autonomously.

This is what I need, This is what the Company Needs - thankfully My Co-Diretor agrees but surrendering shares in a start-up is a big step and something we would only do for the correctly skilled, committed person.

My questions to the group..

1. Have you experienced something simialr and can you make any sugestions how to make this arrangemet work better?

2. How do you split your responsbilities on your business and are there any gaps? How do you fill them?

3. How do I make my days 26 hours and my week 9 days?





Brian Robinson
Dear Simon
Being an accountantant of many years having experianced the advantages and disadvantages that modern technology has to offer and being in the unique position of using manual systems of accounting and admin ie Kalamazoo ( or in other words i am old ) the relevent question and ultimately the only question is the business profitable with the differing skill levels you both have, and my meaning of profitable is postive cashflow and being able to pay your bills on time, because if not and you cant see where it can in a reasonable time then the relationship / business is doomed tp failure.
Regards Brian
568 days ago
Simon Richardson
Thanks Brian, its good to bring it back to the basics of keeping the business operating and evaluating based on that criteria.

Thanks for the grounding.
568 days ago
James Thomson
Hi Simon, I am a little with Brian here - this is an issue you need to get sorted out and quick. I knwo the business is born on the web, but is that also where you do most of your selling? If so, the co-director's sales skills probably aren't going to be off much value...

Alternatively, you could put him in charge of your online communications strategy and get some of that offline communications magic working online? He could handle the Twitter and Facebook stuff, write copy and fresh content to help with your SEO efforts, write news to submit to industry sites etc. And along the way, he'll probably learn lots!
538 days ago
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