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Discussion started by John Cirocco , on Wednesday, 03 November 2010 23:10

Hi Everyone, I recently had to find a lower priced alternatives to Adobe Acrobat for a client. With Acrobat Std now running at over $400 each it was going to be an expensive exercise as they needed a few copies.

I did some research and testing and came up with the following Acrobat Alternatives. These are not free options as the client has some specific requirements such as page extraction & merging.Also we didn't want watermarks on all the generated PDF's.

These products are significantly cheaper though, in the range of $20 to $100.

The short list in no order is : CutePDF, PDFreDirect v2 Pro, NitroPDF & Foxit Creator.

Direct site links and a little extra info can be read in my post at


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Mr Amish
A few recommendations.

The first is that the ability to "print" a PDF file in all Apple Macs running OS-X. Basically, you select Print from the File menu as you would if you were printing a document on paper on a real printer. There should be an option in there to save as PDF. Details here: So if you run on Macintosh you don't necessarily need any additional software, and if you're looking to upgrade computers soon, depending on what other software you use, if the difference is less than $400, have a look at getting a Mac.

Assuming you run Windows, CutePDF and also PDFCreator ( ) provide similar functionality to the "Print to PDF" option on Macs, and they're freeware. Better yet, PDFCreator is open source too!
282 days ago
Dan Norris
Just printing to a PDF either open office or primo PDF can do this (or mac does it standard as pointed out above). Editing PDFs Nitro PDF is a cheaper option.
17 days ago
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