What would you never buy online?

Discussion started by Oliver Milman , on Monday, 22 November 2010 15:46

Our recent top 10 tips for selling online piece got me thinking. With so many companies now moving into online retail, is there any product you'd never buy online? 


Or, to put it another way, are there any kinds of business that should never have an eCommerce option? 

Hi Oliver

Funny you should ask, I was discussing this with a colleague the other day.

One item that came up was diamonds, another was bicycles.

Basically anything that requires a substantial assessment or investment, emotionally or financially, on a personal level (such as riding a bicycle to see if it fits and feels good to ride) should not, in my opinion, be bought online.

From a customer point of view, I would never buy anything from a vendor that was unknown or unsubstantiated from another country.

From a seller point of view, I think its about being as transparent as possible with the product or service they are offering. Dishonesty leads to customers never returning, and repeat customers are the lifeblood of many small companies. Good example was the group that began selling famous architectural chairs online for multiple thousands of dollars. When the customers received the packages they received miniature replicas of the chairs and had no legal recourse as the seller had not state the size or nature of the chairs and had photographed them in a way that made them look like the real sized chairs.

My two cents anyway :)
494 days ago
Tim Inglis
I would have to say anything else from Deals Direct. My wife has purchased many items through them and anything electronic barely made the 3 month mark. We have 7 kids and went through a stage where many presents were purchased from them and all either didn't work upon arrival or broke/died within a very short period of time.
I agree with Carl too, anything that is a personal fit I wouldn't buy online or anything that makes up an essential part of an outfit. We had a birthday party recently which was a Prince/Princess theme and my wife found the perfect broach for my eldest daughters dress on ebay. She purchased it about 3 weeks before the party and it ended up turning up about a week and a half after the party. In this instance she would have been better off going to the shops and buying from there. Especially when the item was listed as being from Brisbane but when it turned up had come from Singapore -which explained the delay in getting it- and if she had know that it was coming from overseas, she would have looked locally.

The group now has 4 cents... :-)
491 days ago
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