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Discussion started by Darren , on Tuesday, 25 January 2011 08:20

Hi guys,

I have a successful finance business already, but am working on a new first-in-category web idea that would effectively make me a publisher of content to particular industries. I've been heavily reserching digital advertising models and pricing, but I know there's still a lot I don't know.

I'm seeking directions to info on templates/examples/standards of business plans for online business models, user growth projections, and how advertising inventory and revenue should be calculated.

If anyone can point me to written material, or even better, a person/mentor, that would be awesome.




Amanda Gome
Hi Darren,
Good on you for thinking outside the square. Your best bet is to read lots of interviews with digital entrepreneurs. They often give snippets away about their business models and business plans.
To find out how the advertising game works, you should probably find a nice media buyer from an agency and get them to run through it all.
728 days ago
Hi Darren,

If you are looking at online publisher business model I’ve got a couple of articles I’d like to recommend. The first one analyses the relationship between traffic/ size of the operation and advertising revenue stream. Details at the following url:

The second is a generic model to assess online business opportunities. According to this model, producing free content and monetising it with advertising revenue (eg Adsense) is probably the simplest to implement but “predominantly a slow growth proposition unless big money can be thrown at advertising and generating publicity to bring in the crowds”. Also, it’s probably the least attractive to investors but, as recent IPO of Demand Media illustrates, it has its merits. For further details please follow this link:

Good luck with your project!

728 days ago
Hey guys, apologies for the delay in coming back, but thanks so much for the tips - really appreciate them.

Arek, those articles were really helpful, and Amanda I have taken your advice.

711 days ago

After building several online businesses, the following parameters should provide you with a high level guide. Research your keyword terms to determine your target keywords, and their associated traffic volumes. Pick 5-10 keywords initially. Aim to achieve about 5% of total keyword traffic. Allow at least 6 months to achieve this goal, supported by appropriate SEO. You could work on achieving approximately $10-20 per 1000 visits in advertising revenue.
708 days ago
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