A more casual place to meet people
Discussion started by Jay De Leon , on 24 November 02:49 PM

Just wanted to get people's thoughts on an idea that's on my list. Currently Facebook is the largest social network for people to connect with people they know. Plentyoffish.com is the largest free dating website. Meetup.com is a large site to physically meet with people based on topics. eHarmony is a popular but expensive dating website that link people together based on common values. I'm currently developing a site called OnInterests.com so people can start conversations with people they find based on same interests. Do you think there is room for a site like this. A more casual site rather then a dating site but if you share the same interests or even multiple interests there is more chance for you to get along with that person. The idea came about because I love playing poker but my friends arent too eager to play so I was hoping to build a social site just to find people that like poker, that grew to people being able to find other people that shared the same interests. Unlike Meetup.com where you only start conversations with people at the meetup the aim is to get people talking over messaging first or you can even create groups for their particular interest. Let me know if you would like to know more, I'm actually looking for people who are keen to work on the project but let me know your thoughts in general on the idea. 

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Amanda Gome
The internet is full of these deep verticals already. Take Startupsmart. That is a site for people interested in starting their own business or in the first few years of setting it up.
You might have an idea with the poker site - although I suspect they already exist but how would you make money - even to cover your costs?
Monday, 06 December 2010 17:05
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