Growing Pains

Growing Pains

Tuesday, 01 November 2011 12:11

Online video boosts conversions

I blogged earlier this year about custom reports in Google Analytics and one of the key pieces of information that came out of my experimentation with these reports was the performance of video on our website for boosting our conversion rate.

The table below shows the top nine pages on our site by goal conversion and the number of page views each of those pages received, with the far right column showing the ratio of conversions to page views.



As you can see our leather page, the highlight of which is our leather videos, ranks by far the highest. Visitors to this page are seven times more likely to convert than normal visitors who visit our designer page.


The data isn't perfect, users who are looking to convert are more likely to explore our website in detail but the leather page converts 2.4 times as well as our FAQs page or 4.5 times better than the deep parts of our old gallery, so clearly it works really well.


This makes sense. One of the challenges we have on our site is that we're trying to sell $300 pairs of shoes off a pretty average 2D drawing. We're working on a 3D version of our shoe designer which will help alleviate this, but another way we can get the quality message across is through video on our website.


We recently put together a video showing how our shoes are made and we've added video content to our wedding shoes and bridesmaid shoes pages. What other areas of our site do you think we should add video content?

Michael Fox managed Google’s online sales and operations agency team for Australia and New Zealand before moving into entrepreneurship. He's a co-founder of Shoes of Prey, an online retail website which allows women to design their own shoes. He blogs in detail about the process of running Shoes of Prey at his blog

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