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Best of the web reads: How entrepreneurs can master vastly different industries

Friday, 9 August 2013 | By Gavin Lower

What do successful entrepreneurs do after they’ve launched and built a successful business? For some, they jump out of their comfort zones and try something completely different.


At first blush there’s probably little in common between brewing beer and building bikes, or software development and delivering meals, or footwear and furniture. But here Entrepreneur profiles three entrepreneurs who made the leap from what they were known for and how they did it.


Attracting and retaining quality staff is an imperative for successful businesses. But it appears that it takes more than a hefty pay packet to entice the best and brightest. Business leaders are beginning to understand that a healthy workplace culture is a key element for success.


Here Fast Company examines what’s happening in American workplaces and how they’re reaching a critical juncture in their cultural development.


Establishing and running a business can be all-consuming. The drive to succeed can mean some of life’s priorities are altered. But here entrepreneur David K. Williams writes in Forbes spouses and family shouldn’t be one area left behind. “Before you take the first step in your business (or personal) journey, I admonish you to put your spouse and your families, now and forever, at the very top of the priority list,” he writes.


With smartphones a ubiquitous presence around the world, this piece in in The Spectator asks whether we’ll ever really be able to have a holiday again.


Giving us the ability to be constantly connected, smartphones mean we’re never really far from home. Unplugging for your next holiday may soon become just as important as not forgetting to pack your swimwear.