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Book a holiday

Friday, 26 November 2010 | By The Taskmaster

Managing end of year holidaysThe end of year rush is on in earnest right now, and while the thoughts of your staff are no doubt turning to the summer break, a holiday is the last thing on the minds of many start-up entrepreneurs.



But that’s silly. Holidays are essential for entrepreneurs. They provide a chance to recharge, reflect and relax and are the only real safeguard against burnout.


Personally, I am off on my usual holidays to the Maldives. But even if your favourite holiday spot is not so exotic, this is the perfect time to actually do a bit of planning and lock in a holiday period.


Think first about when it is actually quiet in your business. For lots of companies that is early in the year, for in some sectors there is a seasonal business cycle that will dictate the right time.


Set your budget, book a spot and then start planning.


What will you need to plan? Everything that will mean you can actually have a real break. That might include temporary staff, documented work processes to allow other staff to do your job for the week, and contact details for clients if you are their personal contact.


Project manage your break like any other task and you’ll be able to properly enjoy it.


Get it done – today!